Core Values

Our partners are fully confident in the capabilities of our solutions.

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Reliable Location Intelligence Service

We can pinpoint and track your location down to the exact spot in which you are standing on.

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The Internet of things. The smart phone control the devices in the house. Smart home will obey the commands from your smartphone. Concept. vector

Neutrality and Plug & Play

Our solutions are openly designed for any easy access for any IoT device and product.

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City Communication Technology

Hybrid Connectivity

Achieve seamless data transmission as we support a variety of network connections.

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Companies across different industries rely on positioning technology.

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Transportation & Logistics

Manage your fleet like the elite team that it is by keeping tracking of where each driver is and how they are making their deliveries.

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Retail & Geomarketing

Bring in more customers that are on-the-move. Tell them which of your stores are the closest and make mobile payments more secure by confirming location.

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Telecom & Utilities

Allow your workforce to perform efficiently at maintenance tasks by ensuring the right people are in the right position to perform them.

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Use Cases

Our technology and offerings are designed to bring success to all businesses.


For businesses operating in transportation and logistics, we offer them everything they need to manage their resources.
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Retail & Geomarketing

Our geolocation technology will increase the number of end-users shopping with you by enhancing the buying experience through making it secure and convenient on top of heightening your brand exposure.
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Banking & Finance

The positioning solutions we offer to enterprises in banking and finance increases the security level of any digital and card transactions they manage by matching customers’ location to where the transaction is made.
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Through using our positioning and navigation technology, businesses that need to perform utility tasks can be more efficient in locating and solving issues by being able to notify and send the right technician instantly.
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